Announcement of Executive Director Transition

Announcement of Executive Director Transition

On behalf of the CSVR Board of Directors, we would like to inform you that Nomfundo Mogapi will be departing from her role as the Executive Director of the CSVR. After 17 years at CSVR, she will depart at the end of June 2021 as her contract term comes to an end.

Nomfundo has been a tremendous asset to our organisation. During her tenure, CSVR has played a critical role across Africa, especially around mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), transitional justice, research and the knowledge products that impact communities besieged by violence worldwide. Nomfundo's relentless engagement with the media as CSVR responded to different forms of violence experienced by South Africa has rendered CSVR a voice of reason for the greater public. Her departure at the cusp of implementing the new CSVR strategy marks her contribution in leading the organisation towards its development.

During her tenure, CSVR strengthened its ability to impact four key areas that are critical for creating peaceful, equal, and free societies. These four key areas are transitional justice (including peacebuilding), sexual and gender-based violence, collective violence and state violence (including torture).

Please join us in thanking Nomfundo for her leadership and dedication and in wishing her the best of luck and continued success in her next chapter.

The Board has nominated a committee to lead the search for the next Executive Director of CSVR. Over the next few months, we will be conducting a thorough search to find a dynamic leader with a passion for our vision and mission. During this time of transition, we count on your continued support.

Tefo Raditapole
Chair of the Board

Nomfundo Mogapi has expressed her leaving CSVR as follows:

"I am leaving CSVR with so much gratitude in my heart. I have been working at CSVR for over 17 years. I started as an intern in 2000 then came back as the psychosocial programme manager and now leaving as the Executive Director.

It has been such an honour to work for this amazing organisation. Through my years at CSVR I have met incredible, talented people too many to count here. I would like to acknowledge Greame Simpson and Lloyd Vogelman, the founders of CSVR. What an honour for me to meet both of you and witness your joy at seeing how your original vision of CSVR has unfolded. Thank you for your continued support of CSVR and for inspiring me.

I also have had the honour of being managed by all the previous directors of CSVR; Ahmed Motala, Adele Kistern and Delphine Serumaga. Thank you to all of you for your contribution in building CSVR to what it is and for your leadership. I have used my learning from each of you to influence my leadership at CSVR.

I have also had the honour and privilege of being led by the firm hand of our Board of Directors under the leadership of our Chairperson Tefo Raditapole. I truly have learnt so much from you all. Your contribution in the organisational development of CSVR has been invaluable. Through your leadership I am happy to leave robust organisational policies, systems and processes.

I cannot even begin to speak about all the people that I have had the honour to directly manage at CSVR, including the current management team (ManCo) of CSVR and all the staff. I have always said through my 6 years of being the director of CSVR that the greatest asset of CSVR is its staff. What an honour it has been to witness all of you show up fully, see yourself for the talented and passionate people you are. Thank you so much for bearing with me, giving me honest and at times hard feedback, celebrating with me when we get funding, panicking and worrying with me about CSVR. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift that any leader can have, your trust. The reason I am so content to leave CSVR is because I know that in your hands CSVR is safe and will continue to thrive.

I cannot even begin to list the donors and the incredible people within these donor organisations that I have had the honour to engage with during my tenure at CSVR. Thank you for believing in the vision of CSVR, trusting us and supporting our work. You have not just been donors but our partners too, I have learnt so much from you and am in awe of the passion you hold for our continent.

To all our stakeholders, within the communities we work with, civil society, government, continental, sub-regional and global bodies. There is no way we could have accomplished what we did without you. The work of contributing to a violent free, equal and peaceful South Africa cannot be done by one organisation. It has been the partnership we had with you that enabled us to continue pursuing this ambitious vision.

Finally, but not least, all our clients, communities and the people who have given us the honour and privilege of entering their lives and partner with us in facilitating healing and peacebuilding in our communities, thank you. Our community action group members, community psychosocial supporters who work tirelessly in communities, you are the heartbeat of our work.

I am delighted to leave CSVR in a great state with a strong Board of Directors, an amazing, capable group of managers, a strong team of passionate and talented staff, with financial stability, increased regional footprint with us impacting several countries in our beautiful continent.

If I were to fully express my journey, the people who have touched my life, I would write a whole book. To all of you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. To those I leave at CSVR, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you the best. CSVR has the best people to take it to the next level."

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