Locating Peace within the Justice Agenda: The Case of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy

This paper discusses the African Union Transitional Justice Policy as a case study that locates peace within the justice agenda in Africa, drawing from the rich, three-decade-long practice and experience of transitional justice processes on ...

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Perpetrators and Protectors: Centering Family Relations in Addressing Violence in Poor Neighbourhoods

This report asks, 'How and to what extent do families and kinship relations protect against, perpetrate and/or suffer from violence?' The concern with understanding how families cope with violence in respectively protective and perpetrative ways ...

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Pan-African Reparation Perspectives, Issue 3

This special bulletin on reparation for victims of torture in Africa focuses on the effects of COVID-19, including the enforcement of pandemic regulations to the detriment of human rights, torture and ill-treatment of women, the ...

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Perspectives Panafricaines sur la Réparation, Numéro 3

Un bulletin spécial sur la réparation pour les victimes de la torture en Afrique.  

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CSVR Five Year Strategy Overview: 2020-2024

Founded in 1989 and registered as a Section 21 company in 1990, CSVR is an independent, nonprofit organisation. It engages in research, community interventions, policy formation, service delivery, education and training. For three decades CSVR ...

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Freedom under Siege: Freedom of Association and Assembly in Sub-Saharan Africa

This briefing paper provides an overview of the shrinking civic space as well as the situation on the violations of the rights to freedom of association and assembly in sub-Saharan Africa. It also highlights innovation ...

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Violence, Inequality and Transformation: Apartheid Survivors on South Africa's Ongoing Transition

Despite its lauded political transition in 1994, South Africa continues to have among the highest levels of violence and inequality in the world. Organised survivors of apartheid violations have long maintained that we cannot adequately ...

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