Jasmina Brankovic

Perpetrators and Protectors: Centering Family Relations in Addressing Violence in Poor Neighbourhoods

This report asks, ‘How and to what extent do families and kinship relations protect against, perpetrate and/or suffer from violence?’ The concern with understanding how families cope with violence in respectively protective and perpetrative ways ...

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Military Expenditure Foolish When Social Services Are Lacking

SA’s defence capability is in a state of severe decline, a bitter fact for the defence department, the local arms manufacturing industry and the world of defence analysts. Last year, parliament’s defence committee chair went so ...

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Socioeconomic Oppression and the Need to Rethink Transitional Justice

In South Africa, organized survivors of apartheid violations have increasingly focused on socioeconomic issues. There are continuities, they note, between the colonial and apartheid past and the democratic present. While building on the work of ...

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Inequality Is the Primary Driver of Violence, Say Apartheid Survivors

Describing how high levels of inequality and violence feed each other, survivors of apartheid violations hold that people-driven social transformation is key to reducing both—and to fulfilling the promises of the democratic transition. “What is the ...

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Violence, Inequality and Transformation: Apartheid Survivors on South Africa's Ongoing Transition

Despite its lauded political transition in 1994, South Africa continues to have among the highest levels of violence and inequality in the world. Organised survivors of apartheid violations have long maintained that we cannot adequately ...

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Participatory Methods in Violence Prevention: Lessons from CSVR's Collaboration with the Community Work Programme in South Africa

CSVR has been conducting research on South Africa’s Community Work Programme (CWP) since 2010. In 2016, the organisation commenced with an effort to strengthen urban violence prevention interventions carried out by CWP through their work. ...

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